Wednesday, February 16, 2005


It's early here in the bay area. The sun is struggling to put a crack in the slate grey of the rain addled clouds. It won't get through today. The streets will stay wet. There's so much that needs to swept away. The rain is a blessing. It prevents the world from getting up to full speed. It forces feet to slow, to lay off the gas. There are too many people buried under hooded rain slickers. I wish they would let their hair get wet. I wish they would meet my eyes this morning. This day will unfold at a languorous pace. It will creep and duck in the alleys. It will be too lazy to cast dispersions and too lazy to talk about love. The city will miss the sun, but for today that's OK. There's time for sunshine, just as there's time for rain.

from Akron/Family's Akron/Family due March 14th:

Sorrow Boy

Running, Returning


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