Monday, January 31, 2005

Anders Parker...

You may heard of Anders Parker's old band Varnaline. They were long time stalwarts of the alt-country scene. Know as much for their loud guitars as for their pretty picking. Well, Anders is off on his own now with a very strong record called Tell It To The Dust. He's certainly mining the alt-country end of the singer/songwriter spectrum, though it has a very pop sense about it. Every now and then he slips into the guitar crazy style of Tonight's The Night era Neil Young. It's a well balanced record that won't get near as much attention as it deserves. Too bad he could put a lot of smiles on peoples faces if given the chance.

3 songs from Tell It To The Dust:

Keep Me Hanging On

Feel The Same

Doornail (Hats Off To Buster Keaton

Purchase at will.

On a side note I thought I'd mention some of the best records I've heard so far in 2005. I know, I know it's only a month old but these records are well worth your money:

Magnolia Electric Co - Trials And Errors. A live album from Jason Molina and his new electric configuration. Forget what you thought about Songs:Ohia this band turns it up and rocks. Bodes very well for their spring release.

Archer Prewtt - Wilderness. Just sublime. Absolutely subliime.

Okkervil River - Sleep And Wake Up Songs. This was actually released at the tail end of 2004. But i'm including it here because it's so frickin' good. Another EP that bodes very well for their April release entitled Black Sheep Boy.


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