Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sin Ropas...

Yes, you're correct that translates from the Spanish as "without clothes". But it's also the name of a band that makes such an unusual noise. Derived from the band Red Red Meat, Sin Ropas consists of Tim Hurley (Red Red Meat bassist) and Danni Iosello. Let me tell you Sin Ropas fall pretty far from the Red Red Meat sound. I'm pretty sure that Sin Ropas isn't going to rub everyone the right way. It's delicate under produced music that seems close to fallling apart at any second. I think of it as a child's precious teddy bear that's splitting at the seams; thread bare and over loved, it teeters within that awkward time when the child mourns its disintegration but knows it's time to let go of such things. Hidden under the bustle of guitars, piano, sampler, concertina, clarinet, bass, organ, harmonium, korg, glockenspiel are the melodic underpinnings of wonderful songs. They move slowly, deliberately, with considerable pace. It's an acquired taste, but I don't want that statement to scare anyone away. The reward for patience with these songs is tremendous. Their record Trickboxes on the Pony Line can be bought at the Sad Robot Records site.

Three songs from Trickboxes on the Pony Line:

Butter on Cane

Hands Inside

Syrup Coat


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog and the new music! (new to me anyway :) ) This Sin Ropas band is great!

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, I'm glad you dig it.


4:03 PM  

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