Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Two Gallants...

According to the SF Bay Guardian at least there's a musicalmovement going on in the off-the-beaten path musical venues and neighborhoods of San Francisco. It seems that an increasingly tight knit group of young musicians who have discovered the joys of rockified country. These kids (and I don't say that condescendingly, they really are young) have discovered the joys of cow punk, that is music in the style of Rank & File, Scruffy The Cat, Fetchin' Bones, The Buckets. Is it country? Well maybe but I think it has more incommon with punk rock. That doesn't mean it's country played loud and fast, as much as it means country played with an attitude. The Bay Guardian article spends alot of time focusing on a band called Trainwreck Riders, but I think the best band of this burgeoning movement is Two Gallants. I recently picked up their album Throes and it's a great listen. Many of the songs are simply voice, guitar and drums and the effect is very immediate music. They write great stories into their songs. You can feel the joy these guys have in making this music, it's charge you get when you're young and doing something you really believe in. Here's yet another chance to get on the bus before it starts picking up all the hipster folk. Throes can purchased HERE or downloaded at iTunes.

2 songs from Throes:

Nothing To You

Train That Stole My Man

An urelated aside:

Check out my review of the new Archer Prewitt at Stylus Magazine. It's the sites record of the week. A really great album. If you're so inclined please read the review.


Blogger howard said...

I got the two gallants album too, although it's recently been usurped by hem's eveningland and some tracks I found by the last town chorus.

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