Friday, January 07, 2005

Call And Response

A jazzy, funky, smooth groovin, group originally from the Bay Area. Call And Response have an new EP out called Tiger Teeth that recasts some of their early material in a new light. I think I'll take the easy way out here and not try to come up with a clever metaphor for the sake of elucidating their sound, but instead simply say that they sound a lot like Stereolab. Or at least they used to. Later albums revealed a more "mature" sound that left some of the electro-bubble pop behind. Too bad because I love the sickly sweet pop tunes. Perhaps the release of Tiger Teeth is a signal that they plan to return to the groove oriented slightly synthyesque sound of yesteryear. I do like this EP alot, it's breezy fun music. I withhold judgement on the later stuff which is surprising considering how judgmental I am.

From Tiger Teeth:


From Winds Take No Shape:

Trapped Under Ice


Blogger nooshie said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I've got C&R's self-titled album and really like it, but I'm still wary of buying albums when I haven't heard a single song from it. Now that I have heard single songs off both the cds that I've stood in the store holding and thinking about, I'm much more confident.

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