Monday, January 10, 2005

Tom Heyman...

Heyman has been around the SF rock scene for quite awhile. He's currently a member of Court & Spark, but has assisted everyone from Chuck Prophet to Chris Von Sneidren. But he put out a solo album in 2000 called Boarding House Rulesthat was about as good a country rock record as you were likely to find that year. It's a sound dominated by slide guitar and vocal harmonies. Many of the Bay Area scene made appearances including Chuck Prophet, Virgil Shaw, "Teenage" Rob Douglas (now playng with Pete Anderson) and Stephanie Finch. It's available HERE. I imagine Tom is pretty busy with the Court & Spark at this stage of the game, but if you ever see him playing solo in your neck of the woods you should check him out.

Here's three from Boarding House Rules originally on Innerstate Records:

Till I Forget Her Name

Eggs & Whiskey

Bottle Full Of Wishes


Blogger EBATW said...

On the same day that K-mart announced chapter 11, reported its first profit.

This same since of irony screams true in Tom’s unforgettable lyrics and live performances. A sober honest voice combined with the compressed sounds of his acoustic six string as played through a vintage fender blue jr. deluxe, create an acoustic comforter.

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