Thursday, January 13, 2005

Chad Vangaalen...

Ok so in the interest of full disclosure I ended up listening to some of Chad Vangaalen's work from Stylus Magazine's excellent Stypod. Luke Adams (also a writer at Stylus) had posted three tracks by lesser known Canadian artists and I was so taken by Chad's work that I followed the links. Chad Vangaalen seems to be one of those bedroom savants. I don't mean he's exceptionally great in the sack but couldn't pour his own milk to save his life, I mean that he holes up in his little home studio and writes song after exceptional song, putting out CD-Rs for friend, familly and such. It seems that Flemish Eye Records took such a liking to his stuff that they pared his hundreds of home bred songs down to 19 and released Infiniheart. There are three downloads available on the site and I've been listening to them non stop this morning, clearly annoying my co-workers with my insistent explanations of why they should also love this stuff. The sound on these songs isn't of the highest quality as far as production values go, but it's more than compensated for by Chad's wonderful folk/pop songs. I keep racking the archives of my muscial brain to come up with a convenient comparison to make the doubter into believers but I'm having a hard time. Perhaps I should just say that the songs are good and you should listen to them and hit the buy button on the website.

Three songs from Infiniheart:


Somewhere I know There's Nothing

Clinicly Dead


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heck yes!

I saw Chad first at the Pixies Tour he opened and I was blown away. Rockin on his guitar and playing a snare drum and bass drum with pedals hooked up, oh and a harmonica for a springsteen cover.

Chad is going to play at the Calgary folk festival everyone should love this man's music. Oh and he is now signed to subpop for a re release of infiniheart!!!!

5:15 PM  
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