Friday, January 28, 2005

Chris Stamey...

After ten years without a release Chris Stamey has gone a little nuts the last 16 months or so. First there was Travels In the South last year and now we have A Question of Temperature just released on the 25th. I've long had a soft spot for Chris Stamey. You have to remember I was raised on the jangle pop new wave of early REM, Connells, Hoodoo Gurus, Let's Active, db's, etc. Stamey (and pal Mitch Easter who mixes A Question of Temperature) were pretty central to that whole sound. A Question of Temperature has a slightly different twist in that indie rock stalwarts Yo La Tengo act as his backing band. It makes for a pretty dynamic sound. Of the 13 tracks 5 are covers which range from the Byrds to Television. Question of Temperature is good stuff, a little uneven at points but when he and the band hit their stride it's some sweet pop music. Don't be shy about purchasing this one.

3 from A Question of Temperature:

Sleepless Nights

The Summer Sun



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