Monday, January 24, 2005

Tilly And The Wall...

Hey Kids, sorry i've been gone a few days, but I had business to attend to on the East Coast. While that sounds very important, it really isn't. But I did get snowed on and during said snow storm the good folks of at the Washington DC Parking and Traffic Department were kind enough to tow my car because it was parked on a snow emergency route. If that storm was a snow emergency than I imagine they'd simply detonate offending vehicles during a challenge of more biblical proportions. Locusts!! Remove all cars immediately!! We need more plastic explosives...aaaahhhh!! It wouldn't have been so bad if all my family's luggage hadn't been in the trunk,

Anyway, back at the helm now and very excited about how much good music there is on the horizon this year. Tilly and The Wall are on Team Love Records which is Conor Oberst label. Till and The Wall are part of the whole Omaha scene that Mr. Oberst has done such a good job of promoting. Tilly and The Wall however sound nothing like The Faint or Cursive. They're much more twee, full of bouncing melodies, boy/girl harmonies, handclaps and humming synths . I swear some of the songs on Wild Like Children were written to take the place of "Kumbaya" around the old campfire. But when they get it right it's really good pop music. The lyrics are very high school focused and frankly I already did that and don't really want to relive it. Still there are some fun songs here that show the band could have promise after a little more seasoning.

Two songs from Wild Like Children:

Nights of the Living Dead

Perfect Fit

If you like these proceed to the website where the whole album is available for download in mp3 format. I know it makes these files a bit redundant but give me a break I've been on a plane all day.


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