Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mystery Jets...

My first reaction to these guys was "oh great here's another completely overhyped british band celebrated by NME and Radio 1 that are surely no where near as timeless as the limeys think". But I think I may be wrong. These guys are rocking, fun, heading nodding, sing a long good. And they're from Twickenham which is where my older brother used to live. Therefore, in my twisted logic, they can't be all bad. I really like these three tracks. The band has enough personality in their songs to separate themselves from the very large pack of posing hipsters with stupid haircuts. There's elements of country rock buried in here, but buried to near unrecognizability. I've heard and read that they're crazy good live, so if you live in the UK you should check them out and let me know if all the hype is for real.

Alas Agnes (I Have And Always Will Adore You)

On My Feet

You Can't Fool Me Dennis


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