Wednesday, February 09, 2005


First off let me just say the there's a magazine out there that actually says something interesting. If you're inclined to love to read about music, band interviews, etc. check out 'Sup Mag. It's very New York centric, but is chock full of good stuff. It's in .pdf format so you can download and print or read it on the computer. Whatever.

Anyway, for your listening pleasure today I bring you Pela. 4 lads from New York who make a chiming guitar noise that makes me think of the Cure. Full of plaintive vocals (the guy reminds me of Jeremy Enigk), a good beat, and a kind of dreamy floating movement to the songs (Cocteau Twins, maybe?). An accomplished band that's getting some notice. They've opened for Rainer Maria, The Decemberists and Earlimart, so they're getting their indie rock credentials together.

2 from Pela:

All In Time



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