Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The National...

A pleasant surprise. Kind of out of left field for me, since I had never heard of The National when I received their new CD Alligator to review for Junk Media. Alligator currently ranks as one of my favorite rock records of this young year. The lead singer has a deep baritone that reminds me very much of Brett Sparks of The Handsome Family, a deep rich baritone that commands as much presence as any of the instruments. Lyrically The National write slice of life vignettes full of intimate details (I love the line, "didn't anybody tell you/how to gracefully disappear in a room?"). Musically the band is hard to pin down and, frankly, I spent too much time listening to the CD trying to decide who their influences/predecessors are instead of just enjoying the CD. At first I felt the Joy Division/Interpol tip, then shrugged it off as not being nearly as bleak. Most of the shoe gazer references failed. Finally I just gave up, put the rock critic to rest, and enjoyed the record. Alligator will be released in April.

2 from Alligator:


All The Wine


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just clocked your blog...some fabulous nuggets here...will definately be visiting often thanx again!!!!

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