Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Summer At Shatter Creek...

Summer At Shatter Creek is a tricky one to figure out. Not that I'm staying up at night trying to figure them out (or him out, I think). There's an interesting mix of acoustic and electronic noises going on here, and as cliched as that sounds I think there's something basically good here. I think I like it because the non organic elements are much more subdued, not overbearing, not insistent that they be acknowledged as cool.

Near as I can tell Summer At Shatter Creek is a one man band, the one man being one Craig Gurwich. Gurwich is one of those hole up in the bedroom types, recording thngs at his home and getting pasty from the lack of sunlight (I made that part up.) I found these songs on the Summer At website and at Badman Recording Co.. There's a new record coming out at the end of this month and I've been told that the buzz is very good. The lead song here "Ever Changing Mood" is from the new album All The Answers, the others from earlier releases. All The Answers is available now for purchase on the Badman Recording Co. site.

Here's some Summer At Shatter Creek:

Ever Changing Mood

Home For The Holidays

My Neighbor's Having a Seizure


You know on second thought I'm going to back away from my earlier statement about these songs containing electronic elements. I think it's more that Summer At Shatter Creek uses alot of overdubs and effects creating an otherworldly illusion of space in the songs.


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