Wednesday, March 09, 2005

South San Gabriel...

South San Gabriel as many of you may know, is a side project for Centro-matic's Will Johnson. It has been asked of me many times when talking about Will Johnson, just what the difference is between this enigmatic and prolific songwriter's various projects. As near as I can figure it goes like this: Centro-matic is Johnson' straight up rock project, loud and fuzzy and loose. His solo work is quiet and introspective, reserved and melancholy. South San Gabriel is more of a collective experience, Johnson brings a concept to a loose knit community of musicians who then contribute their unique abilities to the recording process. I personally like all three of Johnson's incarnations.

The last South San Gabriel record Welcome Convalesence was a uniformly excellent record, so I greeted The Carlton Chronicles:Not Until The Operations' Through with the same expectation. I have to admit I was a bit put off by the fact that the entire song cycle is about a cat, and a dying cat at that. However once you start listening to the songs you realize that the songs aren't just about cats, they're about "big" issues as channeled through a cat. I know it sounds odd, but somehow it works. I suppose simply put sickness (and the perceived justice or injustice that comes with randomness of it) is just as difficult to explicate in cats as it is in people.

1 song from The Carlton Chronicles:Not Until The Operations Through:

I Am Six Pounds of Dynamite

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