Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Oh, smack. Here we go again. Don't ever say I didn't ever give you nothin' because once again dear reader I'm hipping you to the delicious. Brakes is a strange and naughty little side project by Eamon Hamilton from British Sea Power, Tom and Alex White from the Electric Soft Parade and Marc Beatty from The Tenderfoot. If you're reading from Britain I imagine you've already heard of these folks, but here state side they're nobody. Hopefully that will change when their record Give Blood hits over here. Sure, there's a certain smug brit distance in their music that never translates well to Yank ears, but there's also a refreshing punk rock meets brit more beer please attitude here. None of the songs on Give Blood are longer than 3 minutes. In fact many of the songs clock in under 2 and there are a couple under 30 seconds. I'm not saying that short = good. It's more like brevity. Imagine the hookiest parts of a Fountains of Wayne song reduced its purest essense. It's guitar pop with only hooks and no filler. It's refreshing, fun and not to be stewed upon or fucking Pitch4orked to death. Eamon's voice is odd and not at all tuneful, but it works on these poppy punk compositions. Best played loudly.

from Give Blodd:

I Can't Stand To Stand Beside You

Ring A Ding Ding


Blogger gwadzilla said...

this may be old news to someone following music and the culture that surrounds it
but I was a little late on hearing about the NIKE spoof of a Minor Threat 7" without consulting anyone
another advertising blunder
almost like they are seeking bad press
would it be wrong for the boys of Minor Threat to sue?
what is the ethic?

7:50 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Good find! I'll go out on a limb and say there's a very strong correlation between short and good. Most of my all time fave tunes clock in around and even well under 3 minutes.

8:41 PM  
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