Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Timesbold came to my attention via the amazing magazine Yeti (Mike, you need a website because I'm definintely doing a post on Yeti because the magazine rocks) which contained an interview with main man singer/songwriter Jason Merritt. The interview was so engaging that I sought out some Timesbold for no other reason than I was curious as to whether or not the music would be in step with the personality. And indeed I find Timesbold to be thoughtful, careful music, nuanced and introspective, smart and literary. Sonically the music treads in the land of Americana, touching elements of folk and even bluegrass. The band uses varied instrumentation (from banjo to mellotron to vibraphone to odd electronic bits) and has a way with harmonies. Comparisons come easily: Will Oldham, Scud Mountain Boys, etc. It's well played and particularly well produced, though if you're like me you'll probably be more taken with Merritt's lyrics and his soulfull (for a white boy) voice. I've been spending time with their EP Once We Were (which is available on eMusic) and can highly recommend it, especially if you have musical ADD like me and tend to love the EP format.

from Once We Were:

Longtime Man

from Timesbold:

Gin I Win

e.e. cummings


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