Friday, February 03, 2006

Field Notes...

That's right I said Field Notes not to be confused with the San Francisco band Field Music. Field Notes is basically Mark Edwards who's played in a number of math rock/hardcore bands over the years but seems to have settled into a poppier frame work. Field Notes new record is called Color Of Sunshine and I can't profess to love it which is odd for this blog because I tend to only gush. But in the case of Color Of Sunshine I've found the record to have enough weak points (and by weak I mean it meanders a bit, gets too long, too slow) that I'm prevented from being effusive. However, with that said it does have some great moments of jangly pop rock pseudo-Psych Furs charm that I do really like. And this, my friends is what I must give you.

1 song from Color Of Sunshine:

Sister Says

Have a good weekend.


Blogger Unknown said...

I believe it's Chad Hanson. I heard that the new Field Notes album, which comes out this summer, is amazing.

4:07 PM  

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