Monday, March 20, 2006

Bits & Bobs...

There are a couple of records I really want to post about but something has gotten in my way since I posted last week. I have feeling you probably know of what I speak. No, not bowling though the team is 2nd in the league right now (we confront team #1 tomorrow). It's March Madness. I'm a huge basketball fan. I love March. The tournament makes me very distracted and the tournament thus far has been pretty remarkable. I can't remember the last time so many mid-majors made so much noise. Parity is a good thing, it makes for good stories and exciting, anything can happen style games. So while my intention is to post about the new Norfolk & Western followed by the new Moore Brothers, I've just not been able to get my mind off the hoops. So my promise to you is at least 2 posts this week about those two very good records plus this one which is pretty much a rambling excuse about why I haven't posted as much lately. But I have been listening to music. Nothing brand sparkling new but a couple of songs I think are worth mentioning just in case you haven't heard either of these bands.

Cub Country is a side project of one of the guys in Jets To Brazil. I checked out Cub Country simply because I've been a big fan of JTB. What I found was a very alt-country pickin' and strummin' singer songwriter set of songs that falls about as far from JTB as it could. But I loves me some alt-country and have been happily listening since I got this one off eMusic. The record's at least 2 years old and there's nothing new on the horizon, but the record, while a little lengthy at points, is generally a heartfelt effort.

1 song from Stay Poor, Stay Happy:

Leaving The Bar

I've also been listening to Hem which has been described most accurately as country-politan. Indeed the band's sound has more in common with traditional country and the band Lambchop than Uncle Tupelo or Whiskeytown. It's more country and less "alt" than what I'm usually drawn to but Sally Ellyson's voice is so enchanting and lovely that what I've heard of them so far has totally charmed me. Their record Eveningland is supposed to be excellent though what i've been listening to is their EP I'm Talking With My Mouth.

1 song from I'm Talking With My Mouth:



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