Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tommy Keene...

I grew up with Tommy Keene. He's a native of DC as I am and I used to see him at all the "cool" shows at the 9:30 club. Fairly early in his carer Tommy set the bar high for himself with Songs from the Film and the EP Run Now. He struggled to reach those heights throughout the rest of his career as he seemed to put more work into his gigs as a guitarist for Paul Westerberg, Velvet Crush and more recently Robert Pollard. The last few of Tommy's records left me feeling a bit let down. After picking up his newest Crashing The Ether I must say that he's back and better than ever. Crashing The Ether is full of the guitar pop anthems that one time were Keene's stock in trade. Each song jangles and rocks in equal parts bringing back memories of everything from The Replacements to Grant Lee Buffalo to The Connells. This is a record with the bar for songwriting set pretty frickin' high.

1 song from Crashing The Ether:



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