Monday, October 23, 2006

Brief Update & LCD goes Nike...

Received a brief enlightening regarding my previous post on The Last Town Chorus:

1) Their record is available in Europe right now. So if you're reading this across the pond, go purchase now. Also my man Dave Douglas is drumming in Europe right now with the always excellent John Vanderslice so go check him out and tell him P Funk said we can't wait until you get back because it's really busy.

2) The Last Town Chorus hails from Brooklyn not the UK as I mentioned. Although Brooklyn may as well be the UK as far as my life is concerned.

OK. Record set straight.

Have you checked out LCD Soundsystem's 45:33 track on iTunes. It's a mix that James Murphy did at the behest of Nike, the idea being to come up with a work out specific tune that starts you out slow, peaks then brings you down soft. There are probably people yelling "sell out" at Murphy right now, but it's a great song. When the track hits it stride (I'd say from about 15:00 to 27:00) it just kills. Whether you should throw rotten fruit at Murphy for taking Nike's money is not for me to say. When reading the notes that accompany the song, he sure sounds sincere in his desire to execute his task in the most entertaining and work out appropriate manner. The really cool thing about the track is that it's not "thump thump thump" house music like you hear at Gold's Gym on Division St. It's much more disco and a soulful disco at that mixed with some jazz piano. Shit's good. Hard to post any of it for obvious reasons. But check it out on iTunes.


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