Thursday, October 05, 2006


Oh c'mon you indie rock fuckers. You know you like to dance, you're just so confused about how to be cool and dance. At first it was The Rapture and that was cool until it wasn't and anyway didn't it feel a little too much like you were at a rave. Franz Ferdinand worked for a while. You could dance awkwardly to "This Fire" because the song was kind of awkward. Then there was "Crazy" which was fun, but before long Gnarls Barkley wasn't very cool because every car that drove past you was playing it. But let's be honest here: it takes alot for you to take of the trucker hat, get off the track bike, put down the PBR and really shake your ass like a little girl alone in her room.

I may have the antidote.

SF Bay Area singer/songwriter type Bart Davenport has teemed with a drummer who plays the beats by tapping on some Tascam deal, a serious R&B hold down the bottom type bass player and a keyboardist who's got serious moves to form Honeycut. Think Gnarls Barkley blended with some DJ Shadow and Tommy Guerrero (in fact Honeycut is on Shadow's Quannum) and sprinkled with a touch of The Clash and a shake of JT (scandalous I know).

Album's bumpin' and I promise you it's OK to dance, even if it's just you and your mirror.

1 from Honeycut's The Day I Turned To Glass:

Tough Kid


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