Monday, September 11, 2006

Pacific Ocean Fire...

Pacific Ocean Fire's new record From The Station To The Church We Are Under The Same Stars is out now. I've always been a bit wary of Americana rock music via the British, but POF has convinced me for the second time that it's not about geography but about something a bit more whimsical like "feeling" or "heart".

Downloads can be found at their myspace site. Sorry about the lazy linkage but work's a bit too busy today for me to upload tracks to my usual location. The songs are all good and all inhabit a territory of rootsy rock music tempered by a very british guitar focused grandiosity. I know that's an awkward description but after thinking about it for awhile I couldn't come up with something that invokes their sound more precisely. I'm thinking about a sound that mixes equal parts Uncle Tupelo, Farmer Not So John, early Marah, Gram Parsons' Hot Burrito #1 with Oasis, Snow Patrol, Ride, Lush, Blur, etc. It sounds odd but POF really makes it work and makes it uniquely their own. Give it a listen


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