Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Continuous Peasant + Basketball...

First and most importantly is today's annoucement that my beleagured and downtrodden Golden State Warriors have fired Mike Montgomery and seem poised to bring back Don Nelson to coach the W's. This is news being greeted with elation in Warrior Land and indeed it should be. While Montgomery was a good X's and O's type coach he lacked the respect of his players that's crucial to success in the NBA. It's widely believed that Baron Davis walked all over Montgomery much to the detriment of both individuals and the team. In Nelson we'll get a true motivator but also, more importantly, one with a clear vision of what the team can accomplish. You can count on the fact that this vision will jibe with the talents of the players as opposed to trying the old square peg round hole philosophy that everyone from Montgomery to Musselman tried to impose. It's a good day in Warrior Land my friends.

On the musical end of life I give you Continuous Peasant, a Bay Area band treading in the waters of a raw Americana. They'll be opening up for The Silver Jews in a couple of weeks, and if that isn't a high profile indie rock gig I don't know what is.

Here's one song to check out:

Less Mysognist


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