Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Evens...

Man, I've been a lazy blogger. Wait, is there another kind of blogger? I kid. It's just been so busy at work that I've either a) had no time to post or b) when I do have time I absolutely have no desire to look at a computer screen and type on a computer keyboard. The other negative to being busy is that my musical intake gets limited. I've been listening to new Mountain Goats, a couple of tracks I finagled from the new Hold Steady (very good), the new Bettie Serveert (on the fence) and the untitled new record from The Dying Californian (pretty rippin'). Nothing an avid reader of this small smug salon wouldn't be at least passingly familiar with (TDC aside) and have read about 40 posts on other blogs. So I'll steer clear of boring you.

Instead by way of my friend Dom East I've been listening to an older record by the The Evens from 2004. If you haven't dug your teeth into this as yet I do recommend. It's a moody stripped down type of deal with just guitar, drums and voice. I must say that I've never really thought of Ian MacKaye (Fugazi) as a singer so much as a vocal stylist who does the best with what he's got. But he's really very expressive on this record and melds well with Amy Farina. They find a nice spot in their range that creates their own unique boy/girl harmony type thing (actual musical term).

Sorry for the long delay between posts, but life happens like that.

1 from The Evens:

You Won't Feel A Thing


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