Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In The Fishtank...

The In The Fishtank Seriers isn't always succesful but it's always interesting. As they say themselves: In The Fishtank is an ever ongoing project of Konkurrent, independent music distributor in the Netherlands. In this collection Konkurrent invites musicians to whom they feel strongly related to record. They are given two days studio time and freedom to do whatever they like musically.The Fishtank offers a space for expression and experimentation, results may vary but are always surprising.

Of late I've been listening at least twice a day to 2001's In The Fishtank release #8. This release brings together The Willard Grant Conspiracy and German electronica band Telefunk. What ended up recorded and released as #8 is In The Fishtank at its best and most unexpected. I mean, really, it could have been a train wreck. Two bands with very disparate approaches to music thrown together in a digital vs. analog, organic vs. electronic, steel cage match. But it all worked out. It certainly sounds as if WGC took the lead and Telefunk was contented to lay low with some mild sampler and beat additions. But the more you listen the more you realize that both bands yielded one to the other to create a sweet ebb and flow. What's especially sweet is the layering of WGC singer Robert's deep baritone with the light jazzy touch of Telefunk's female lead. I've really been enjoying this EP.

1 from In The Fishtank #8:



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