Monday, October 02, 2006

The Stills...

In the short course of two albums and various EPs The Stills have done their share of polarizing. Those fans that loved 2003's Logic Will Break Your Heart (an album in which the band was constantly compared to Interpol) seem to view this year's Without Feathers as a sell out of enormous proportions. My view is not so harsh. I do imagine that the change in sound was due in part to the constant Interpol comparisons, but I see the reaction as a healthy one. I also love a good pop tune and for many that seems to be The Stills greatest sin on Without Feathers: they're too accessible, too "Coldplay", too not what they used to be. I can understand the sentiment but the bottom line is that the songs are either decent or they're not. Are The Stills on Without Feathers the same Stills the made Logic Will Break Your Heart? Clearly not, but what remains are lot of catchy, hooky, literate songs. Groundbreaking? Hell no. Fun? Yes.

The Stills come to San Francisco's The Independent on October 5th (that's this Thursday). Check 'em out.

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