Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Special...

Well this new blogger interface pretty much sucks. Thanks google. Despite my usual warm reception to the array of Google applications I've now tried to post to Bars & Guitars 3 times and have lost the post each time. Believe me when I say that what I wrote last time was really witty and endearing and you would've loved it had it not been cast out into the hard cold barren tundra of lost bytes.

I believe I started with some lame excuses about my not having posted for awhile. Trust me when I say that the excuses were lame, but more or less they were as follows:

1) work busy
2) Birthday Party = very much bad headache and inability to do much more than breathe for about 48 hours. I now understand why all that stuff is illegal, though the hot tub was fun.

So I feel sufficiently guilty about my lack of posts that I'm prepared to offer you, my valuable reader, this offer. Here's a track list of a CD I recently used as a participant in the In ternational Mixtape Project, it's weird and disparate but it works (trust me):

Neu! - Fur Immer
Supervitesse - Mahogany
The Loving Sounds of Static (Junior Boys Remix) - The Mobius Band
Tough Kid - Honeycut
Al Green - Dr. Octagon
Missing Pieces - Voxtrot
Sour Shores - Portastatic
Grun Grun - Willard Grant Conspiracy + Telefunk
Western Biographic - Bound Stems
Landlord - Oakley Hall
Benson Harbor Blues - The Fiery Furnances
Another Excuse (DFA Remix) - Soulwax

It's oddball, but it works.

The first 10 people to email me their addresses will get a copy of the mix CD. I'll also throw something random into the envelope. I can't promise anything good or, really, anything completely hygienic, but it will at least be interesting.

So there you have it. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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