Monday, November 13, 2006


I've been in hiding at least that's what I call a four day bender to celebrate the recent realignment of our country from red faced anger, fear mongering and divisiveness to a more moderate form of corporate profiteering and me-first-ism. But anyway I'm back and aside from a few scratches and bruises that I don't remember getting I'm ready to talk about music. Today I'll talk about new wave music and how Voxtrot does such a good mimicry of "Fire In Cairo", "Killing An Arab" era Cure. It's wide eyed brighly produced recollections of music that's fallen out of favor. Voxtrot plays what I would call a feel good brand of mope pop in vein of Belle & Sebastion, The Smiths, The Cure. A mix of jangly guitars, light keyboards and slightly out of key vocals that carry a certain charm. It's good listening just like Hormel Chili is good eatin'.

1 song from Voxtrot's 2005 Raised By Wolves EP:

Missing Pieces

All Voxtrot's output is available on iTunes. If you're so inclined.


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