Friday, January 05, 2007

Flog me for I have erred...

It seems that in this recent post I erroneously attributed the song to Christian Kiefer. While Mr. Kiefer does have a record coming out on Undertow Records called Dogs And Donkeys that involves Nels Cline and Mimi Parker of Low and that I'd really love to hear (hint, hint), it seems that the song I posted really belongs to a band called The Artificial Hearts. The main (only?) member of said band is also named Christian. Go figure. However I do have to point out that Undertow has the song attributed to Christian Kiefer on his Undertow artist page. Therefore I can successfully pass the blame onto someone else confirming that I am indeed an American. So here's the correct attribution:

from The Artificial Hearts Heavy Rock:

Building A Rocketship

Check out more songs over at Artificial Hearts MySpace page

Apologies to Christian Kiefer and thanks as well to him for pointing out my error. I'm just trying to keep us "new media" on the up and up.

Keep up with Christian Kiefer and his excellent podcasts right about here.


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