Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new Apostle of Hustle...

Starting the year with a lazy post, since I imagine any reader of music blogs worth their salt has already heard this. But it's got a couple of worthy things going for it: 1) it's a great song, 2) it's from Apostle of Hustle which gave us the outstanding Folkloric Feel which eclipsed, in my opinion, labelmates, and sharer of band members, Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It in People.

The new song is dynamic build up that lays the slowly developing melody on a bed of bouncing drums. It reminds me of early Genesis for some reason and I do intend that as a compliment.

The new A of H record National Anthem of Nowhere comes out on Feb. 6th and, if "My Sword Hand's Anger" is any indication, it should be a killer.

from the forthcoming album:

My Sword Hand's Anger


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