Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Woods...

Hey guess what? Macworld starts today in San Francisco! Yeah! Are you fucking kidding me? I love my iPod, okay? But there's nowhere to park for the next 4 days and even when you're on your bike you've got to avoid 4th and Howard like the fucking plague because you never know when some sweet tech geek is going to walk in front of you because he's (and it's always a he) busy masturbating with his iFoozle. Yeah Macworld! Yick.

So the perfect antidote to the tech implosion occurring 5 blocks from me? Why it's lofi freak folk, of course. And who better to give us some of that back woods strum and weird then The Woods. They have a record called At Rear House coming out on Shrimper in about 2 weeks. It's a seriously odd but often catchy slice of lofi back woods americana. At its best the record recalls The Baptist Generals fabulous "Going Back Song" or Akron/Family or a well twisted Carpenters. At other times the record is a droning reverberating, breathing, cacophony of dog barks, feedback and the occassional scream, that never really arrives anywhere. But when it all comes together, as on songs like "Don't Pass On Me" and "Night Creature", you can actually believe that birds can read our thoughts and rocks have souls and trees lead secret lives we never see.

from The Woods forthcoming At Rear House:

Don't Pass On Me


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