Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Today we listen to and talk about the fabulous Our Lady of the Highway. I'm more than a little biased here because these guys are friends of mine and I've done some press writing for them. But they're just so darn good. The primary songwriter and singer is Dominc East. Dominic plys a very heartbroken lyrical terrain. He's an emotional guy and he can drink alot of Budweiser. I admire both these traits greatly. Their last album was called About Leaving, you can find it on iTunes and download it or, if you live in the bay area, the record is carried at Rasputin Records and Amoeba. About Leaving is a great record. It's mellow, maudlin, lyrical, far reaching, catchy, challenging, melodic. There are many wonderful moments on the record both musically and lyrically. When Dominic sings about a house party where "we'll hide in the kitchen" on the song "Friday Night", you understand what he's talking about even if you're not the kind that takes their 12 pack into the kitchen, sits on the counter, and caps on everyone that comes in. The music/his voice can really transport you.

This track comes from the not yet but hopefully soon to be released album Beauty Won't Save Us This Year. I imagine the name of the album may change over the coming months (it shouldn't that one's damn good). This record is clearly going to be more upbeat and poppier than the last. It sounds more like Our Lady sounds live. The track is indicative of the pop direction the band has taken on the new record. Now you've gotta understand that when I say "pop" it's a good thing. I mean "pop" in the sense that Elvis Costello has written some great "pop" songs, The Police have written great "pop" songs, The Connells have written great "pop" songs. You get the idea. If you don't have About Leaving, find it or iTune it. It's worth it.

These Roads


Blogger grey said...

What's a higway?
How 'bout Joe 'pop song' Pernice? That's religious music to me, man.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

I hate to proof read. It means that I'm mortal.

9:05 AM  

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