Friday, March 11, 2005

Catalpa Boys...

Man, I love it when friends do great things. Starting with the boys in Our Lady of the Highway who are in the studio finishing the follow up to their excellent About Leaving, I've always loved it when friends have a vision and carry it out to success. In this regard I bring you today the Catalpa Boys. They are composed of my friend and one time business partner Josh Housh and his brother. Clearly mining the country folk territory mined by other brother teams like the Stanley Brothers and the Louvin Brothers (maybe toss the Cash Brothers in there), the Catalpa Boys play earnest acoustic music filled with old time imagery and sweet harmonies. Sure it's mellow, but sometimes that's just what you need. Perfect music for louning around in this beautiful northern california weather and drinking beer.

2 songs from the Catalpa Boys self-title debut:

No Word

Stained Glass. I'm pretty sure Josh is playing the saw on this one.


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