Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Great Lakes Swimmers...

Work is an interesting combination of busy and stupid today so i've got to keep my usual verbosity to a minimum. Perhaps that's a relief for some.

Great Lakes Swimmers are a mellow acoustic based Canadian band. They walk a territory previously explored by the likes of acoustic Neil Young, Nick Drake, early Richard Buckner (think Bloomed era), with echoes of My Morning Jacket if they were an acoustic only outfit or Will Oldham if he played things straight up. I think a big deal was made of the fact their first record was recorded in an old grain silo. It does make for an interesting sound full of echo and reverb (thus the MMJ comparison) and you can hear the crickets trilling in the background (I think people think it makes the songs sound particularly rustic). Their self titled debut record (the one I'm posting on, I think they've just released their sophomore album but I haven't heard it yet) is all well written songs based on a very traditional folk structure. There are wonderful harmonies, a little bit of pedal steel, some soft percussion but mostly it's acoustic guitar. Very nice on an expectedly rainy day.

2 songs from Great Lake Swimmers:

Merge, A Vessel, A Harbour

Three Days At Sea

For those of you interested I have a feature piece on Okkervil River at Pop Matters today. Check it out.


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