Monday, June 06, 2005

Anna Coogan & North 19...

I came across Anna Coogan & North 19 while browsing the Our Lady Of The Highway website. I just heard the new Our Lady disc (as yet unreleased) and I was just blown away, so I went looking for their next show dates. Well, turns out the next scheduled show is July 19th at 12 Galaxies and playing with them was this band North 19. Hmmm, I thought. I'll play follow the links. What I found was that Ms. Coogan has a pretty amazing set of pipes. She can really sing. The songs are a strange hybrid of bluegrass, country and rock. The songs I've heard are all banjo based but it doesn't really sound like bluegrass. There's definitely a rockin' element to it (not to say that pure bluegrass can't rock, don't get me wrong) that perks up my ears more than true bluegrass. You can get a hold of the album Glory over here.

2 songs from their album Glory:

Another Day

Love Will Find A Way

I'm gonna try to get permission to post some songs from the new Our Lady of the Highway album. I don't believe it has a home yet so if you're label related listen closely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a close listen to the woman singing back up on "fine dancer." Sound familiar?

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