Thursday, June 02, 2005

Architecture In Helsinki...

Architecture In Helsinki reminds me of summer for some reason, which is odd because when you think about it it's getting set for winter in Australia right now. But it's not the geography that of this aussie band that makes me think of summer, it's the twee light hearted bouncy pop that they play. Last year's Fingers Crossed was nothing if not one of the most fun releases of the year. It teetered between an orchestra of over caffeinated junior high schoolers who had listened to way too much Go Team! and pure indie pop. The new record In Case We Die is an equally schizophrenic take on having a good time. Songs will bounce merrily along and just as you think you've found the appropriate head nodding groove things change up, flip around, smile and run away. It must be one of the dangers of songwriting by committee and the committee is freakin' big, we're talking like 8 or 9 people on the stage hammering away. The instrumentation is varied from drum machines to drums and percussion, horns, keyboards of all sorts, electronic bleeps and coughs, the kitchen sink.

In Case We Die is a current guilty pleasure for me. It's not the kind of music I can throw myself into because it's seems so lite. I know that's obnoxious and not really sensible but there it is. I must say that on "Do The Whirlwind" when the horns come in and then give way to the big fat chorus of "ahh, ahh, ah ah" and then finish up with the horns again I grin from ear to ear.

1 song from In Case We Die:

Do The Whirlwind


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AiH will be playing live on WOXY.COM next Wednesday afternoon at 3p ET.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Noted. Thanks alot for the heads up.


12:19 PM  
Blogger nooshie said...

AIH have listened to too much Go! Team? Here in Melbourne, the Go! Team were no-names before they toured, but they were billed as being like AIH and people started to pay attention.
They do have a ridiculous number of members, though. If you leave the house and DON'T see someone from Architecture, then the whole band must be out of the country. Hrm. If they're out of the country, then that would explain why there haven't been any good shows in the last few weeks: if Gus isn't in town, half the bands in Melbourne are short a drummer.

9:24 PM  

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