Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Very Hush Hush...

This was a rare moment of actually liking a band that randomly sent me info because they thought I'd like it. My disappointment scale in this department is pretty much pinned on bummer. But The Very Hush Hush made an impression. I can't say that I'm always drawn to their style of music. It's thick and atmospheric, dramatic and ponderous. The lead singer delivers in a breathy state of constant decomposition that makes the words near unintelligible. Somehow this fits the songs perfectly. The songs are awash in the hum of guitar feedback and keyboard hush, the drums are pushed to the front of the mix and often serve as the primary catalyst within the song structure. I want to call it gothic in intent but that word is loaded with preconception and I don't want to taint the band. The record is Mourir c'est Facile which I imagine is french (I haven't taken the time to figure it out) and my years of Spanish would lead me to guess it translates as something like "death is easy" or "to kill is simple" but I could be full of crap and it could mean "the cows are spotted' or "stone me you hotentot". The record is being released on Sao Bento but the released date has been pushed back until the fall. In the mean time check out a track.

From Mourir c'est Facile the song is a seven minute opus so I'm only going for one:

The Outskirts

These kids are Bay Area so if you live here go see them live. Check the website.


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