Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I've Got Something to say...

That's a total blog cop out isn't it. But I haven't had time to put a coherent post together but still wanted to stay in touch with you, my people. So I've come up with a some bullet points for you regarding important things we should all be thinking about and listening to.

•If you haven't heard The Hold Steady's Separation Sunday do yourself a favor & buy it. It's grown on me like a noxious weed. My personal kudzo. Fantastic.

•It's important that we each listen to the Mountain Goats once a day.

•This here is cool and you should all make art and send it to them and buy their stuff. On a related note don't be bummed out if your six year old daughter makes a cooler CD single cover than you. It was just beginners luck. Really, I'm sure it was. But I wish I'd made it, Samantha.

•Despite my better instincts this is really pretty cool. Have you check out Arianna?

•And here's the audio track for today. Taken from the out print Redo The Stacks by Centro-matic. Word is they'll be buying the masters back from some crotchedly label that's doing them wrong. This is a song about starfighers and that alone makes it good.

Enjoy your evening:

From Redo The Stacks:

Starfighter #1479


Blogger Ivan F. said... your letter just the other day
filled with doubts spilled so freely, it was just too much for me...

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Centro-matic is the best band ever, and you rule for posting this hidden gem of a song.

8:10 PM  

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