Friday, April 29, 2005

Oxford Collapse...

Just got the forthcoming CD from Oxford Collapse entitled A Good Ground. Lumped in with the whole "dance/punk" movement that encompasses such a disparate variety of styles that it seems to have already lost any meaningful signifigance as a term, Oxford Collapse sounds to me to have much more in common with The Jam than with The Rapture, !!!, or Franz Ferdinbland. Oxford Collapse is lots of jangly guitars, driving rhythms, quick breakdowns and pace changes. It's a frenetically paced record and while I'm sure you could dance to some of these songs with relative ease and not look like a total spazz alot of is total spazz music, and that's a compliment. Much of A Good Ground feels (such a lacking word as a descriptive) like the guys who started that first really good band in high school would sound had they kept at it for the last umpteen years. I'm really enjoying this record. If you have a chance to see them live I understand they absolutely kill it so check their tour schedule and see if they're coming to your hometown.

A Good Ground is released on June 7th:

Prop Cars

Cracks In The Causeway


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