Monday, May 16, 2005

Jim Roll...

i have to admit that I was once an avowed alt-countryist. It was all I listened to . I was obsessed, taken in. My head only wanted to hear Whiskeytown, Son Volt, Wilco (remember when they really were an alt-country band), Lucero, Tandy, Our Lady of the Highway, the list goes on. As the process of evolution has continued within the confines of my internal landscape I've let a lot of this music gather dust on my CD shelf (it's vast and I often have to spelunk to get to some of the older titles, mucho dust). Lately I've been listening to some old favorites and I came across my old friend Jim Roll who I had a brief obsession with. He put out a record in 1999 called Lunette which is really a very stunning record. His follow up I found to be less interesting, it was called Inhabiting The Ball and may be best remembered because Roll had high falutin' writers Rick Moody annd Denis Johnson write the lyrics for some of his songs. I find the lyrics to often be expectedly literary and entertaining but not necessarily good fits with Roll's tunes.

2 songs from Lunette:

She Aint' Gonna Go

Bleed (if you're bleeding)

1 from Inhabiting The Ball:

You. Lyrics by Rick Moody.


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