Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bishop Allen...

More rock from Brooklyn NY. I first saw Bishop Allen playing a warehouse with the inimitable Our Lady Of The Highway. They were on a little West Coast mini-tour. They were good. Dominic of Our Lady thought they were really good. I agree. They've got some rave reviews including a 4 Star from Rolling Stone and some nice props from Newsday. First of all Bishop Allen is a band not a person. They're named after the street that the two principles grew up on. On their album Charm School they play a poppy brand of jangley guitar music. Kinda reminds me of everything from Morning Spy and Silver Jews to Pavement. It's very fun and involves handclaps and sing-a-long choruses. The record can be purchased from their website as well as downloaded from iTunes.

All songs available from their website.

From Charm School:

Things Are What You Make Of Them

Busted Heart

Eve Of Destruction

Little Black Ache


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