Friday, May 20, 2005

The Cut Ups...

Ok, you're not going to find this one in any records stores or on iTunes or eMusic. The Cut Ups are the brainchild of the good folks at The Dust Congress, which if you don't read regularly you're really missing out on some great poetry, links, and general commentary. They put out a record on their own newlyl minted Dust Congress Records. It's a decidedly lo-fi affair, sounds like it was recorded around the kitchen table after a few too many macro brews. I imagine it's more a vanity project (by that I mean doing something more for yourself, your enjoyment, your own satisfaction) than one imbued with great amibition, but everything starts somewhere. It has echoes of Silver Jews and Mountain Goats. It's no masterpiece, but it is a sincere and honest moment captured by the best intentions and that has a certain undeniable charm. The songs are also pretty good. They could use some gussying up in the production department, but c'mon what're you expecting. I've found myself playing Hearts Kings Lies far more often than I expected to. The song "Grey Area" has perked up ears here in the office. I'm not sure how Dust Congress is distributing the record but go to The Dust Congress and you'll figure it out. You can probably just email. Support the good people.

from Heart Kings Lies:

Grey Area

How Do You Breathe

By the way, unbelievably beautiful day in Northern California today. Road the dirt in to work and didn't listen to music. That in and of itself is amazing. I'd forgotten how the headlands sound in the summer/spring. Of course, I immediately put on The Sunset Tree when I arrived South Of Market. That's all. Have a good weekend.


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