Monday, June 20, 2005

The Dying Californian...

The Dying Californian has had a soft spot in my heart for awhile now. I was a huge fan of thier first album We Are The Birds That Stay which I posted about months and months ago but has remained in pretty constant rotation. The band plays a blend of Americana and rock with a serious nod towards their punk rock roots. I originally described them as "like My Morning Jacket with better drumming". I don't know if I stand by that statement now or not, but it's a good starting point. I suppose I heard MMJ's blend of southern rock and reverb and jumped to conclusions. Anyway I like to cruise by the Turn Records site every couple of weeks to see what's going on with those cats. I noticed that The Dying Californian has a couple of tracks availbable that their working on for their next album. The songs very from great to O.K. But it's good to know that they're out there working on the next thing. The Dying Californian is a band worth noting, they feel to me like they're just an album away from indie-rock notoriety. My fingers are crossed.

New Mixes from the LP to come:

Blurred Just The Same

The Martyrdom of Perpetua

Forest For The Trees

Couple of songs from We Are The Birds That Stay:

Frozen Path

My Heaven Knows No Reign


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dying Californian, who are great, were once a band called Nuzzle, who were also great. As Nuzzle has quietly sunk deep into mid-90's SoCal indie rock lore (near Simply Ballroom & the Summer Hits), let's hope the DC obtains a higher profile.

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