Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Fire Theft...

I for one was a big Sunny Day Real Estate fan. I also thoroughly enjoyed Jeremy Engick's The Frog Queen which had all the quirkiness of Sunny Day but also a certain bravado and scope that seemed to take Sunny Day Real Estate songs and blow them up in a blinding flash of pomp and circumstance. I guess it wasn't a huge surprise when Sunny Day broke up in 2002, dissent had been in evidence. So then came The Fire Theft which sounded alot more like The Frog Queen than any of Sunny Day Real Estate. The Fire Theft and their self titled debut album was so richly cinematic that it seemed to parody itself at times. The choruses were huge and rolling, the bridges built of steel and cable, the verses seemingly proclamations of enormous weight. But I liked it, it was still melodic and catchy even if it was meant to be shouted from mountain tops instead of played on boomboxes. Before The Fire Theft came out there was a teaser CD Single that included the song "Hands On You". It had the same bombastic over the top pseudo-arena rock style as the album to come but seemed a bit more intimate. I always thought that the intimacy of the song is what kept it off the album, it just didn't fit. Anyway I've been listening to The Fire Theft lately and enjoying it more than I remembered. Maybe I had the whole thing wrong the first time around or, more likely, I'm just more attuned to the heights they were aspiring to no matter how silly.

2 Fire Theft Songs:

Hands On You



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