Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Randomness...

I'll tell ya what it's far too beautiful day here in the SF Bay Area to be writing lengthy blog posts, so you're gonna get a random selection of songs I've been digging. Have a good listen and a good weekend.

In other random comments: I still think the Mavs are going to win it, but I'm glad it's a series. Anybody believe the US it going to rally against a hardened Italy team? Yeah, I'm a little skeptical myself but it won't stop me from rooting like a rabid jingoist.

If you're in or around SF check this show out tonight. It's gonna be very very good:

The Music:

Party - El Perro Del Mar

Tapes 'n' Tapes - Crazy Eights

Kind of Like Spitting - Holding Patterns


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