Monday, February 26, 2007

The Broken Family Band...

The Broken Family Band are a group of cheeky brits doing their damnedest to tackle to uniquely American idiom of countrified rock. They do a pretty good job. Of course it's far from authentic, but the very notion of authentic in today's musically global world gets progressively more and more laughable with each passing day that I wonder why I even mentioned it. The Broken Family Band plays a brand of country rock very similar to what The Dying Californian does. It's a slight twang generously coated with indie rock guitars and a grand melody. There's nothing terribly ground breaking here, but when it's done well it's very satisfying. The video for the song "It's All Over" is an example of "done well". It's got the slow build to crashing crescendo, a slow tightening of tensions that's as good as a well executed hand job. The video itself is a pretty entertaining construct. The visuals are taken from a silent movie in which two complete strangers were asked to sit in a room and stare at each other without speaking for an hour.



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