Thursday, October 07, 2004

Another day, another song. I'm particularly fond of todays tune because the artiste, J Xaverre, is on Memphis Industries the label that also puts out stuff by the amazing Go! Team (who will inevitably get some time here at some point). J Xaverre is the current nom de plum (did I use that right?) of Pete Grofton. Pete gained a bit of noteriety with the band Kenickie as a drummer, guitarist, producer, song writer type. The story on the website says that after the break up of Kenickie, Pete retreated to his home digs in the north east and set about writing boat loads of songs. He released a couple of eps for the very excellent Moshi Moshi before releasing These Acid Stars for Memphis Industries. This "Great All Great" is the 2nd track off of These Acid Stars and I have to admit isn't completely indicative of the rest of the album. In a pinch I'd describe J Xaverre as a combination of Sparklehorse and Lindsey Buckingham during his best moments in Fleetwood Mac. It's kinda weird but very catchy and melodic. J Xaverre is simply a very good songwriter. Don't come to this record expecting to hear shades of Kenickie. These Acid Stars is (as might have guessed from the title) kinda trippy and full of odd noises organic and electronic. J Xaverre's perfect pop melodies often lie on a distorted bed of gently droning white noise, old answering machine messages or recommisioned beats. You can purchase the record at the Memphis-Industries site or iTunes it. Enjoy.

Great All Great


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