Tuesday, October 19, 2004

As I Move Along the Roadway...

Today, Mr. Tim Easton. Yet another in a long line of under appreciated singer songwriters. Tim was in a band with some other Ohians (is that right for those from Ohio?) called the Haynes Boys who had some modest indie success with a record called Guardian Angel, but like so many bands the road took its toll and eventually they went their separate ways. While it's always crappy to see a good band go bust, it did provide us with 3 fine solo records by Tim Easton. I own all three and have liked each one more than the last. Easton varies his songs between rollicking barroom roots rock and mellow strummed semi-country. If I had to draw a comparison I 'd call Tim Easton the link that connects todays roots rock to Harvest era Neil Young and Gram Parsons circa GP. Todays song is taken from his most recent album 2003's Break Your Mothers Heart. It's an acoustic demo of the song "I Would Have Married You" so it sounds very different than how it does on the album, but it seems just right for yet another rainy morning.

I Would Have Married You (acoustic demo)


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