Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday on my mind...

Sometimes it's best to start the week with a bang, a jolt of electricity to get things going, a mad barrage of loud guitars and attack force beats that scream get going you fucking dolt. This, however, is not one of those Mondays. Its damp from the first rain of the season and fall seems to have decided that summer needs to step off. Its mellow and damp. Something reminiscent of my new wave days would be better here. And what better than to feature another release from the boys and girls of Parasol Records. The band is Third Dimension. Evidently they hail from the land of fjords as they are one of the many Scandinavian bands that Parasol seems so enamored with. But really these guys are all britpop goodness. They remind me of everyone from Echo and the Bunnymen to early Simple Minds. They jump around from Faces style garage rock to mellow electro Duran Duranesque balladry. It's all quite good and I've been enjoying the album very much. This track is appropriate to the feel of the day here in northern California.

Monday Machine


Blogger bilwink said...

Very nice blog--good to see someone who loves jangle pop. Have you ever posted any Game Theory? Great songwriting and beautiful production by Mitch Easter--Throwing the Election might be a propos (although not about presidential elections)...

2:35 PM  

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