Friday, October 08, 2004

Well, it's Friday. Last post of the week. The Finn Brothers are a little more "mainstream" than what I'd like to be posting here, but their current record Everyone Is Here is so much pop goodness that I decided to give the New Zealanders a shout out. As many of you probably know, the brothers Finn (Tim and Neil) had written a whole career worth of fine pop tunes long before Conor Oberst considered picking up a guitar (and I'm a big fan of Bright Eyes). As the primary songwriters for Split Enz and Crowded House the Finns have been churning out quality work since like 1975. As a new waver in my rapidly retreating youth I remember dancing to the Split Enz "I Got You", but it was during my second summer spent drinking beer and smoking pot in Ocean City, Maryland that I couldn't stop listening to the first Crowded House album. That, of course, was the one containing their inescapable hit "Don't Dream It's Over". As I was just exiting my punk rock/rude boy phase (it's all about phases, isn't it) my love for Crowded House was a bit of a closely guarded secret to all but my house mates who were most likely on the verge of kicking my ass if they heard "Something So Strong" one more time.

Everyone Is Here is as full of good songwriting as anything the Finns have done. But there is a certain world weariness on this record. Really, it's the sound of middle age setting in. I certainly don't begrude the boys their slide into soft bellys and reading spectacles, we will all be there eventually, and I must say that if this album is any indication they're doing a hell of a lot better job of it than Sting. Our featured song "Won't Give In" is pretty, melodic, and blessed with a great hook. During some stage banter on a live version of this song they give away that lyrically the song is supposed to be a best mans speech at a wedding. As always if you like this song go buy the album. It's so much better than anything that Yellowcard is doing.

Won't Give In


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